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11th April 2016

A Scandinavian in Lewis Visuals Interior Design

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11th April 2016
Susanne Shi Sales, Marketing & Admin Officer

Susanne Shi
Sales, Marketing & Admin Officer

Last week we launched Lewis Visuals Interior Design and this week we added a Scandinavian to our theme and team, Swedish Susanne Shi, as Sales, Marketing and Administration Officer.

Susanne has 30+ years’ working experience from Sweden, Hong Kong, London, Kuwait and Qatar. She started her career in fashion and interior textiles which brought her across the world. You may wonder how a globe trotter like this finds her way to Lewis Visuals in Farnham, Surrey.

It is the IoT – Internet of Things – we found each other here, on the web, via LinkedIn. Susanne was working at the Embassy of Sweden in Doha, promoting Swedish trade, higher education, technology and their knowledge society.

Lewis Visual’s website and blog reaches far beyond Surrey and England, and who knows, one day we may design a villa in the Middle East.

Part of the Swedish government’s promotion is Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) where design works to inspire involvement and highlight the opportunities that design can provide for individuals, culture, society and business.

Another interesting aspect of design is to ensure modern, low-carbon domestic buildings. Lewis Visuals are interested to learn from and use new technologies to achieve and apply the best strategy for our clients. This is the road forward – talent, design, strategy and technology. Our growth will be in new numbers, not necessarily in m2 or number of staff. Look at the UK government’s “Low-carbon homes: best strategies and pitfalls”.

At Lewis Visuals Architectural Design and Interior Design where we highlight the opportunity to combine design with functionality – heart, head and bank balance – it has to work in every way.


Maybe it is the long dark winters, or the innovative gene that seems to live in the tall blond Scandinavians and with the influence of a multi-culti generation there is a fantastic new era of innovative design entrepreneurs coming out of this region.

Scandinavia also have the history of travelers – from the 19th century to modern day – keeping Scandinavian culture through design and influencing design from other cultures.

We would like to include Scandinavian Design to our Interior Design Schemes showing a bit more than the usual whitewashed wood and IKEA Billy book cases.

Gröna Fåglar (Green Birds) This pattern was designed during Frank's stay in Manhattan, where he was a guest lecturer at the New School for Social Research 1943-1945. Inspiration: The Green Book of Birds by Frank G. Ashbrook

Gröna Fåglar (Green Birds) This pattern was designed during Frank’s stay in Manhattan, where he was a guest lecturer at the New School for Social Research 1943-1945. Inspiration: The Green Book of Birds by Frank G. Ashbrook


In 1924, Svenskt Tenn opened its doors in Stockholm. Estrid Ericson, an art teacher, invested a small inheritance received from her father.

Together with the established pewter artist Fougstedt she wanted to offer modern pewter objects at reasonable prices.

Pewter had quickly become one of the most exciting materials of the era, competing with new glass and ceramics.

In 1925, Svenskt Tenn received a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris.




The Green Book of Birds of America (1931)

Estrid Ericson was one of the first designers who incorporated design inspiration from her wanderlust and shopping expeditions in North and South America, England, France and Italy.

Joseph Frank was a lifelong friend to Estrid and also had one of Swedish design histor y’s best vision of human modernism.

Today there is a Design Prize “to preserve the spirit of Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank in a modern form.”



In the 80s Susanne traveled to exhibitions in Europe together with a colleague and friend, Swedish Ms Anette Eriksson. One morning in 1987 they woke up at Selfridge’s Hotel in London and surprise (!) they spoke English on the TV morning show. Ah, they had left Paris, they were in London.

As many other designers and buyers Susanne and Anette walked the shows and street fashion of Europe in search of inspiration and design, including visits to trend forecasters Design Intelligence. Paris provided mental wanderlust with Premiere Vision’s trend forecasts and as a textile buyer for a Swedish wholesaler, back in the 80s, Susanne created her first mood boards for interiors based on fashion trends.

Anette Eriksson range of contemporary Scandinavian embroidery

Anette Eriksson range of contemporary Scandinavian embroidery

In 2005 Anette Eriksson was awarded the British Interior Design Award and showcased her range at Liberty.  ‘We meet again’ as Susanne introduce her to Lewis Visual’s Interior Design blog.

The [Internet of] things we find around the world can be adapted to your home as we reinvent your space and not only produce a functional building that performs successfully but a new look through interior design allowing your home to change and grow with you.

Here is a Scandinavian style that may bring that extra bit of flare, colour and fun to your home. Let Lewis Visual Interior Design assist you in the selection of everything from floor finish, doors, soft seating or lights. The list and selection is like the world – full of inspiration and imagination.

Lewis Visuals Interior Design Scandinavian

Scandinavian Bedroom

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