[vc_about title=”What we do best” subtitle=”” image=”1955″]Lewis Visuals are Chartered Architectural Technologist’s. Our professional body is the CIAT.

We offer an integrated approach to architectural design and combine all elements from conception to completion of each project; ranging from individual residential dwellings to entire developments. Lewis Visuals achieve an excellent success rate with planning applications.

For homeowners who change with the times, Lewis Visuals can help you see the potential in your home. Through well thought out design, we can reinvent your space to produce a functional building that performs successfully and allows your home to change and grow with you.

All of our designs are customer centric, we listen and interpret client needs to translate into a development that meets the requirements of the building and the people using it. Our progressive designs are cost effective and achieve the code for sustainable homes and new developments. Projects are skilfully managed to ensure completion is within deadline and on budget.[/vc_about]

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