How to inject the ‘wow’ factor into spaces.

Genevieve’s advice from a home owners point of view.

Before and After – Shortheath Road, Farnham, Surrey.

Before and After – Longdown Road, Farnham, Surrey.

Let’s be honest… It’s all about impressing your friends!


Double height spaces and galleried landings, from a developers point of view this could be seen as wasted space, to us it’s the ‘wow’ factor. Add a feature chandelier to emphasise the ceiling height. Avoid the 2.4m (the average ceiling height) cramped feeling. Georgian houses are usually 2.6m-2.7m in height, this feels good!

Bigger rooms

Add a sense of space by not cramming the room full of furniture. Open plan kitchen/living/dining rooms are the way forward.

Home at Middlebourne Lane

Home at Middlebourne Lane

Generous Hallways

Bad designers can get this so wrong with tiny cramp hallways giving the first impression of a small house to follow. Create an entrance that feels inviting.

Car Parking

Allocate a place for the cars, make their position practical and don’t let them block the view of the house.

Roof shapes

Get the pitch right, too shallow is dated, flat roofs are back in!


  • Oversized front door – 1.2m wide to give the impression of an impressive space.
  • Avoid small internal openings – they reduce light. Larger openings mark out spaces.
  • Great quality materials – metal, cedar cladding, render (k-rend), bricks, windows.
  • Spectacular staircases – curved, glass, oak.
  • Wall and ceiling coverings – why just plasterboard, push the boundaries with different materials. How about an exposed brick wall?
  • Verandas and covered spaces – element of being different from the norm (ideally heated.)
  • Feature windows – what’s the view? Frame a hidden garden.
  • Just nice windows! Get the wall to window ratio right, go for thin frames or a beautiful traditional sash.
  • Fireplaces and chimneys – make a feature of a log burner, how about a double sided one?

Instant character

Clinical unloved verses personality and charm. Expose traditional materials to give warmth. Mix old and new to get the best of both. Or embrace soft modern – tone down modern shapes with traditional materials.


Think about the outside look and don’t forget the Importance of landscaping.

This is going to be your dream home and biggest investment so make it count!

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