Amalgamating Designs

Final design & Planning Submission

Hopefully by this point you will have had a good chance to look over the options and have a better idea of your final design.

After arranging a meeting with you, your project leader will walk you through your options and discuss what you do and dont like.

Once your project leader has a set idea of your final design, we will combine all of the brief notes and notes from the meeting, to form one final design.

This is the part we love the most – We send the final design over to you. After all of the journey, seeing a client fall in love with their design is the best thing about architecture.

You’ve got the design at this point, and it is a great opportunity to take them to real estates to ask for a final evaluation on the value, and fabulous chance to show your family.

As soon as we have the ‘okay’ from you, we will submit this into planning. We will act as the agent on your behalf and will keep in constant contact with the council to ensureverything runs as smoothly as possible. 

Unfortunately, planning is a rather tedious stage of waiting. Planning can take up to 8 weeks to obtain, so the quicker a planning application is in, the quicker it can come out.

Although this very rarely happens, we are always prepared. If for whatever reason the council have refused permission, its not the end of the world.

Usually when an application is refused, they will provide a detail explanation as to why and the reasoning behind denial. Often we are able to appeal against these descisions, or justify why it should be approved.

Our unparalled knowlesge of planning and regulations means we have a running streak of approvals and never give up without a good reason.