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9th February 2017

Architectural Design Consultation

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9th February 2017



Free Hour Consultation at Lewis Visuals Design Studio in Farnham

How can we design your property sitting in our office, you may wonder? It is usually about space, light and planning permission. 


For our offered First Free Hour Consultation we try our very best to get our clients to come to us, or e-meet over Skype. We need to see the front and back of the property and a plan to look at what the local council has approved with nearby properties. This is the first significant practical bit.

You might walk around at home dreaming of a large extension at the back, or a wrap-around close to your neighbours’ fenceline – and insist that we come out to meet you at your house, as you have a fantastic idea of how this can be done! We want to find a solution for you  – and by design experience, we might give you some new ideas.

Every month we get between 40 and 80 new requests and half of those we book in for a Free Hour Consultation. It is not always easy to agree on a good time – and we work weekdays only – with families in different places, school runs and holidays to keep in mind. Here, in Lewis Visuals, we try to block out specific time for consultations and the rest of the time we focus on surveys; design; models; planning applications and all small details on our current projects. At any time we are working on about 50+ different projects in different stages, and they are all scheduled to our team’s working hours; holidays and possible sick days. It is an incredible puzzle to manage.

Every week we move around about 4-8 pencilled in Free Hour Consultations trying to find a time that is suitable for clients and us – going to sites, taking driving time and different locations into consideration would significantly reduce the number of Consultations we could do every week. But don’t hesitate to ask, we can come to you.

It’s a bit like air traffic control! 


We ask you to fill in a questionnaire, and if all the information is filled in (your project = our record on file), we can give you more design during the consultation. We even made some short, awesome videos about our work stages to prepare you.

So, when we have found that perfect spot for you and you arrive at our Farnham office, you are greeted by a thankful team, five dogs (do let us know if you are scared of dogs and we keep them out) and a cup of tea or coffee. We love getting out the prepared folder for your consultation including your filled in questionnaire; printed pictures of front and back of your building to sketch design ideas over; existing plan to see the layout and where the sun sets and rises… plus much more. A Planning Portal with your local council is at hand, and at the end of your consultation, you will have your Service Plan sent to your email and printed to your folder that you bring back home. Your folder also includes your project timeline and a document of how a planning application is decided.

Sounds good? Get in touch with us on 01252714985, email or just fill in this questionnaire

We are looking forward to booking you in for a Free Hour Architectural Design Consultation! 


We also have a lovely meeting room – for consultations, training or, like here, for someone’s birthday!

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