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This weekend’s upcoming egg hunt may make you realise that your home needs an upgrade. Whether you need to seat more family members and friends around the table, missing an extra bathroom or need a better outside area, it might be time for a transformation. Remodelling is a lot easier than moving home; let’s have a look at your options.


Architectural Egg Hunt

All year round conservatories – an extra room

Too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter is the old conservatories as we know them. Today there are many new materials and designs available to make a modern conservatory liveable and comfortable all year round. The conservatory is your extended room into the garden, and with new designs of bi-fold doors, it becomes a seamless link.


Modern conservatory with bi-fold doors

Open up your kitchen

The kitchen is where we get together after a busy day. When we get home, there are not many hours left of the day to spend together. Open up and combine your unused room and kitchen into a bright and happy space for the whole family. You may want to move rooms around to get more light and better access to your garden.


Kitchen interior with island, sink, cabinets, and hardwood floors in new luxury home, with view of living room, dining room, and outdoor patio


Kitchen with stone wall

Open spaces and storage

When you open up space and take down some walls, it is important to remember you lose storage space as cupboards and drawers from that kitchen wall also disappear. Good design incorporates your flow as well as storage.


Vintage shelves


Outside (in) space

Work the new open kitchen/family room space to extend out into your garden with solid decking; use some bi-folds; get some new lighting, and you could extend the room to double the size for some months of the year. Why not think about our bugs and bees and create some sustainable new pet homes.


Hardworking bees on honeycomb

Home Office

With the exponential speed of new technologies making it possible to work more from home, some of us already do one day a week from home, and many more may join this trend. You don’t have to move from a 2 to a 3-bedroom house just to make space for a home office. There are other ways to incorporate your home and your working life. There are areas in your current home that can be redesigned into a home office, and there are other options for a pod if you have space in your garden.


Home office – new space

Loft conversions

Not just another room, but increasing the value of your property.
How much you can change your home depends on if your property is in a conservation area, or it may be a listed building. Next, look into Permitted Development rights, and you may not need planning permission. Bring out your tape measure this weekend, and check from floor to the tallest part of the roof if you can measure a head height of a minimum of 2 meters 30 centimetres. Adding new floor, plasterboard and insulation your new head height will end up at 2 meters which is the minimum accepted. If you don’t have enough head heights you can, for example, lower the ceiling below.
Here you go! A new game room; master bedroom; guest room or home office. Moving into a new home with that extra bedroom might cost you an extra £100,000 while creating space by a loft conversion will set you back £18,000 (basic velux) – £30,000 (dormer roof).
Use Lewis Visuals build cost calculator to figure out some basic rebuild costs.


Loft conversion with dormers (stock photo)


Bathrooms and more…

Bathrooms – Utility rooms – laundry chute – shower for the dog – muddy boots and more.
There are areas in your home that can do with an upgrade, and when redesigning your home, you have the option of making it work exactly to your needs.

Dog shower


Interior of classic bathroom


Upgrade of a staircase

Why not personalise where you walk up and down every day. Most stairs take up the best space in our old homes – move it, transform it, shape it to your needs. Spend a bit more to make it go with the flow as well as with the design of your home. Use open-plan stairs and glass to create more space and light. Stay downstairs for a couple of days [up to 3 days to refit your new stairs] and get a face lift!


Modern stairs


Garage conversions

Why not take the opportunity to declutter when transforming your garage into a more usable space. If your garage is detached, you may need planning permission.

Time to declutter!


Time to declutter, change your space and give your home some design and personalised space. For you, and for your family and friends. Fill in your information to this web QUESTIONNAIRE and we will book you in for a free 1-hr consultation. 


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Happy Easter from all of the team at Lewis Visuals 

Transforming lives through design