Our company vision and mission is ‘transforming lives through design’ – Your home is your sanctuary. 13241340_1214109218599515_3909404491352860297_n

Don’t just believe what you read in the introduction of a webpage but have a look, a real good look. Ask your neighbor – we get great recommendations from wonderful people – who did your extension? Did Lewis Visuals transform your life?

Here are some amazing before and after images of homes transformed. 

Contact us for a free one hour consultation  (you can fill in our questionnaire on our website and upload pictures) and then we set up a time to meet with us and together we create the home of your dreams.  Our workshop is at the Farnham Pottery – inspirational surroundings you will enjoy.

We take time to understand your work, personal and family needs and translate those needs into a design to improve your lifestyle.

A picture says more than a thousand words. Here a couple of recent results.

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Wow ! Fantastic, isn’t it ! Have a look around your neighborhood, you don’t want to move, you want to upgrade your home. Imagine your ‘After’ home…


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