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Leading London Architectural Firm

As London’s leading home and building design firm, Lewis Visuals provides our clients with relevant, up to date home designs that are both professional and innovative. We focus on the needs of our clients and on creating home designs they can live with. Our service oriented focus has gained us numerous industry awards including:

  • IoD’s 2017 London and the South-East Director of the Year Awards Finalist
  • AI Global Excellence Awards Most Outstanding Design and Build Company 2016
  • BEFA’s Best Service Based Company 2017
  • BEFA’s Finalist for Best CEO 2017
  • Houzz Best of Houzz Client Satisfaction 2017
  • Build’s Most Innovative Designers in the UK 2016
  • Build’s Best Design and Construction Company in Surrey 2016
  • BEFA’s Best Female Entrepreneur in Europe and the Middle East 2016
  • Build’s Best Design and Construction Company in Surrey 2015
  • WICE Best Female Architectural Technologist in Europe 2015
  • FSB’s Best Business Person of the Year in Surrey 2015

One award we are particularly proud of is Build Magazine’s Most Innovative Residential Designer of the Year Award. As a small design firm, this means a lot to every member of our team. Our hard work and diligence has paid off and the industry is taking note. We are very pleased to accept this award and we have made it our mission to continue providing the same high levels of service that have earned us this award.

For more information or a design consultation with a local architect, call Lewis Visuals today on: 01252 714 985 or email us at:

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