Stage 5 - Building Control Submission

Final Proposals & Production Information

(Guide Cost £1000)

Now that you have successfully obtained planning permission for your project, the next stage is to prepare drawings suitable to build from.

We will arrange a meeting to run through your construction specification and finer details. 

At this point we will also be required to appoint a structural engineer on your behalf to produce designs and calculations for all structural elements such as loads for foundations and steels.

The Stage 4 drawings will be converted into detailed production drawings which one can accurately tender and build from. The drawings will comply with British standards and building regulations.

Note that the external appearance, size and mass cannot vary from the planning consent. Any changes may require a further planning application.

Stage 5 – Building Control Submission, is our most detailed stage. 

By the end of it, we will have provided you with a set of PDF drawings suitable for any builder to work from. They will specify everything from cavity walls, insulation, lighting layouts and even plug sockets. 

Once we have fully developed the structural and architectural drawings we are able to submit a full plans approval to building control for the final sign off. Building control will check the drawings prior to building and then carry out site inspections during the construction. 

Similarly to the planning application, it can take some time to receive approval. Building Control go through a detailed assessment to ensure the drawings comply to the building regulations standards. 

When your construction is finished you will be sent a completion certificate.