Building Control Submission

Final Proposals & Production Information

(Guide Cost £1000)

Now that you have successfully obtained planning permission for your project, the next stage is to prepare drawings suitable for building construction. 

Using your brief, budget and meetings with you, we will be able to breakdown a suitable construction  for your project.

With the designs we have created at stage 4 we are able to develop in depth constructions drawings to comply with building regulations suitable for you to obtain tenders.

Stage 5 – Building Control Submission, is our most detailed stage. 

By the end of it, we will have provided you with a set of A1 drawings suitable for any builder to work from. They will specify everything from wall structures, to plug sockets. Every element is accounted for to form the ‘final proposals’ for sufficient for coordination of all components and elements of the project.

Once we have fully developed the plans and have carefully inspected every element. We are able to submit the building regulation drawings to the council for the final sign off.

Similarly to the planning application, it can take some time to receive approval. The council go through a detailed assessment to ensure all our drawings comply to the building regulations and are able to provide a completion certificate.