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30th June 2017

Compare Cladding Costs

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30th June 2017

Brickwork, timber cladding, render or tiles — how do the costs compare?

Brickwork, render, tile hanging or timber cladding, how much do they cost?

Build Cost Calculator

The external finish of your house will completely transform it but what are the real differences in costs?

(Note costs are calculated at facing square metre costs, rather than footprint.)

Bricks: £56/m2

There are huge differences in the costs of bricks, with a medium-stock brick starting at around £350 per 1,000 bricks, running up to handmade bricks at circa £800/1,000. An average cost for a good brick would be around £450/1,000.

The labour cost for bricks normally includes the mixing of the mortar, although not the supply of the necessary materials for that mortar. Labour costs do not normally vary with the choice of brick and therefore, any increase in cost occasioned by the choice of a more expensive brick is confined to the material cost. There are typically 60 bricks to the square metre.

Rendered Blockwork: £59/m2

The cost of bricks may persuade some to switch to rendered blockwork. But in most cases it will be a false economy as the additional cost of a blockwork outer skin is significant

Before and After house extension and renovation

Timber Cladding: £50/m2

Softwood featheredge boarding (labour and materials) is going to add £15.74/m2 to the cost of the blockwork. But it then has to be decorated, which will add another £12, bringing the total cost to £49.54/m2.

Siberian larch and western red cedar are en vogue at present. They don’t need decoration and will naturally silver. At a labour and materials cost of around £27.89 (the labour is higher because of the need for ‘secret nailing’) this, added to the blockwork costs comes to £49.69/m2. Modified timbers such as Accoya are likely to add at least another £30-£40/m2.

Before and After house extension and renovation

Before and After house extension and renovation

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