Our Work Stages

STAGE 3.jpg


2 x Outline Concept Proposals

Once the Stage 2 existing drawings are ready we can start designing!

We will use your brief, ideas and inspiration to create two concept design options. Once the two design options are ready they will be emailed to you in PDF format so that you can fully absorb them and prepare questions for us at the Stage 4 meeting. Stage 3 drawings are options and not final designs, we expect you to make changes at Stage 4. Use this Stage to obtain values from estate agents and costs from builders. That way you can weigh up what your heart, head and bank balance really want.


We expect to produce your Stage 3 design options within approximately 3 weeks of issuing Stage 2 existing drawings.


We will send you over an email enclosing the concept designs for your projects. Typically, these will include, floor plans and elevations for both designs, and isometric views in PDF format. We have the 3D models available for you to view in Virtual Reality at any point to help you understand your designs better. At this stage we are also able to obtain a breakdown of labour and materials pack for £300. It enables you to have a full breakdown of the construction costs.


Now that you have the designs, we will give you a little bit of time to look over them and discuss with family and friends. Take as long as you need!

Don’t worry if there is one option that you are heavily favouring more towards, or even if you are completely indecisive. We will help you every step of the way to come to a conclusion and final design at Stage 4.