Design Options

Two design options

(Starting from £1200)

Now that we have the as existing floor plans and elevations, these can be passed to Genevieve who you would have met at the consultation.

Using all of your design brief notes, ideas and inspiration over the following weeks will design two options for your future home.

Once Genevieve has sketched out the two designs, she will call a meeting with your project leader to go through the designs. The experts are then able to produce two 3D design models of your future home within CAD. From furniture layouts to the exterior finishes we don’t miss a thing.

When completed and checked off by another technician the designs are ready to be issued!


We will send you over an email enclosing the concepts for your projects. Typically these will include, floorplans and elevations for both designs, and isometric views.

We have the 3D models available for you to view at anypoint to help you decide which options your heart and mind fall for.

At this stage we are also able to obtain a labour and materials pack for £300. It enables you to have a full breakdown of the costs included in building the options down to the tiniest screw!

Now that you have the designs we will give you a little bit of time to look over them and discuss with family and friends.

Don’t worry if there is one options you are heavily favouring more towards, or if you are completely indecisive. No matter we can find the perfect medium.