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30th June 2017

Do I need planning permission?

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30th June 2017

How can I extend my house without planning permission?

Your home improvement or large scale commercial project may not need planning permission or building regulations approval.

What is Permitted Development?

The words “general permitted development order” (GPDO) may seem like architectural jargon, but they could in fact be the gateway to unlocking the potential for extension of your home.

Unlock the potential in your

home, without planning


Here are a few common projects to find out about permitted development.

Class A General Extensions and Alterations

Class A Larger Single Storey Rear Extensions 

Class E Outbuildings and Pools

Class D Porches

Class B Roof Extensions

Class C Rooflights and Re-roofing

Do you want to create more space in your home, have open plan living, an attic conversion, extend or perhaps make it more energy efficient?

Whether your project is large or small the Planning Portal‘s common projects and interactive guidance can help you to plan and take the next steps to begin your building work.

Permitted development refers to legislation whereby extensions can be made to your home, without the need for planning permission. Changes brought in on 30th May 2013 allow the possibility of extending your home by up to 8 metres, subject to certain criteria being met.

When considering the range of opportunities available to you within permitted development rights it is important to note that the scale of feasible work will depend upon two main criteria;

  1. Property location

Development rules differ depending on the property location. This is to protect Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Conservation Areas, known generally as “Designated Areas”. In these areas, the rules for allowable development can be more stringent.

  1. Proximity to surroundings

Certain rules apply with regard to height and size where homes are in close proximity to surrounding buildings or boundaries. Every home has some development potential so those considering extensions should not be put off by this.

Waverley Permitted Development Advice

Waverley Planning Permission Advice

Benefits of using Permitted Development to enhance your home when…

Staying put:

  1. No Stamp Duty
  2. No aggravation in moving
  3. Increased property sale value, future profit


  1. Buy undervalue and add value, less stamp duty
  2. Finding a diamond in the rough to turn into an investment opportunity
  3. Home development in new surroundings

How Lewis Visuals can help you…

Our recent projects have achieved an excellent profit for the home owner, following construction costs. Through the use of Permitted Development opportunities you could see this financial benefit for yourself – while creating the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Lewis Visuals are Chartered Architectural Technologists working on an array of projects; ranging from small extensions to large one-off detached homes.

So, if you have an idea or need to develop your home then please call or email us today to book a free one hour consultation.

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