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Custom solutions that fit the needs of your business

If you are looking to transform your café and want to create a modern interior, then Lewis Visuals can offer you a flexible approach and custom solutions that fit the needs of your business.

With several leading chains such as Starbucks, Costa and Café Nero up and down the high street, it is not enough to just provide delicious food and drinks. Consumers are now demanding more and often use cafés as a place to relax, work and socialise.

Lewis Visuals can work with you to identify exactly what sort of ambience you wish to create for your clientele and also ensure that it withstands the heavy footfall that is often associated with such establishments. We know that a cost-effective and practical design is required, but we are also aware that every business and its customers are unique and therefore deserve an approach that is tailored specifically to them.

What we can offer your business:

  • Improved market positioning and brand recognition amongst your target audience.
  • Enhance the customer experience further.
  • A design that is unique to you and your clientele (modern, classic or theme furnished).
  • Increased revenue by encouraging customer spend.
  • Maximise customer retention.
  • After sale support.


If you are looking to make your cafe a functional space for your staff to work in and a place that your customers love spending time in, then Lewis Visuals can design an interior that reflects exactly what your clients desire whilst also offering a layout that enables your staff to deliver the best possible service. Call us today on 01252 714985 for your free one-hour consultation.