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13th February 2017

Lovely 3D Valentine Home 💚💛

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13th February 2017
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Lovely Valentine Home

I love my home!

I love my sunset evenings at home!

I love my new sofa! (So does my cat…)

I would love to watch the sunrise in the morning… (need to move the kitchen).

I would love to have an en-suite bathroom.

I would love to have a guest room for my friends and family visiting.

We would love to help you – any alterations, extensions, conversions or new crazy ideas is our Valentine gift to you. Our initial architectural design consultation is free for an hour. We can help make your ideas become a reality. So you can watch the sunrise in the morning after you had a shower in your new en-suite bathroom.


Do we have a magical wand? Nope, but we have design experience; near 100% approval of planning applications; a friendly team you can ask any question, and we might surprise you with ideas you never thought of or cost savings. We have designed around 2000 homes, and we love what we do. Hey, if you want to build an entirely new home, no problem – we can design that for you.

Working on this 3D Revit model

We love working with 3D models. When creating your design options, we work in a software called Autodesk Revit Architecture and every wall, door, window, floor and ceiling is in three dimensions. We use your old home from an imported as existing drawing and model up your new love on top of the old ( the house that is!).

Imagine a walk through in your new lovely home, or seeing a rendering of what it will look like in your garden before built. Better yet, the builder can’t say “This does not work, go back to the architect”! When using a 3D model it is impossible to attach a wall to a roof that does not fit, or by mistake put a window in a floor… (those things happen you know).

Have you heard about BIM? It stands for Building Information Modeling, and we will come back to BIM in future blogs, in more detail. BIM means BUILDING the INFORMATION within/in/on the MODEL (the 3D model of your home for example). To build a model you need specific software – it is no longer lines on paper – and at Lewis Visuals, we use a software called Revit.

We love models!

We love the sunrise outside the windows of our new office on East Street in Farnham!

We love our new standing desks!

We would love to make it possible for you to watch the sunset from your home in the evenings.

We would love to see you soon for a free hour architectural consultation.

Come and see what we can do, and have a taste of a 3D model – this is how we can present your new home to you.

Don’t you just love it!

Happy Lovely Valentine Home💚💛 from all of us to you and your home. 

Fill in this QUESTIONNAIRE  and we will call you back for a free one-hour architectural design consultation. Let’s go 3D! 💚💛

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