Our Work Stages

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 STAGE 2 - Survey

As Existing Measured Survey

Appointing us

Hopefully you will have left the consultation feeling assured and confident about your plans. The next stage is to appoint an architectural firm, if you choose us (and we hope you do!) then simply get in touch so that we can arrange a survey date.

Measured Survey

We will organise a date with you to carry out a measured survey of your property. This does require access to all internal parts of the house (Including the loft space) as we need to take photographs and accurate measurements prior to designing

Drawing up the existing building

Now that we have all of the measurements and photos that we need, we can start drawing these in CAD. Typically these take two-three weeks from the date of the survey to fully draw up.

What will I walk away with?

By the end of this, you will have completed Stage 2. It’s impossible to design and build a house without know what’s already there!  We will be able to issue a copy of all floor plans and elevations  in PDF format, scaled to the nearest mm. Drawings are usually scale at 1:100 which means 1 cm is equal to 1 m in real life.