Deciding to add an extension to your home is a big decision but one that can offer a wide range of benefits. From adding value to your home, to adding some much-needed space inside your home for your growing family, an extension is one of the best things you can do to your home.

House Extension Ideas

Whether you own a single storey or two-storey home, an extension can make it more usable and give you the space you need. At Lewis Visuals, we help our clients choose beautiful, cost effective home extensions that suit their style and their homes. Here are some of our favourite house extension ideas that are becoming popular throughout the UK:

  1. Build Up

The best way to add more value and increase your ROI is to build up. By adding a second storey extension to your home, you can increase your space and reduce costs of adding foundations and other structural elements that are already there.

  1. A Sunroom

Building a sunroom means that your builder often doesn’t need special permits which means costs are lower and there is let waiting. Modern sunrooms include separate doors which can reduce energy loss, large areas of glazing, a conventional insulated roof and at least one insulated wall. Sunrooms are increasingly popular and have become a special request for many new homebuyers.

  1. Outdoor Rooms

If you like to spend time outside but find the weather becoming a problem, an outdoor room could be the answer. A covered outdoor living area provides comfortable seating and protection from the elements. From a traditional loggia or veranda, to a more contemporary space featuring a projecting flat roof and slatted sun louvres, an outdoor room will make your home the place to be for hot summer parties.

  1. Beautiful, Contemporary Kitchens

Although a kitchen isn’t really an extension, if you increase the size of your kitchen, it can be considered an important investment in your home. Adding a beautiful, contemporary kitchen will make your home more usable and increase its value when you sell. You can create a central island with a built in cooktop, or add an appliance wall with increased storage space to create the kitchen of your dreams. Many homeowners will have an extension built onto their kitchen adding more space to the footprint while giving their home a totally new look and feel.

  1. Annexes

Adding a garden building or annexe makes use of that extra garden space while giving you some outdoor storage or additional outdoor seating away from the house. A garden building can be used as a games space, self-sufficient accommodation with kitchen, bedroom and bathroom spaces, or it can be used by hobbyists as a workshop.

These are just some of the house extension ideas you can create for your home to add beauty and value to your home while increasing the usable space.

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